Hot Air Gun
Ultrasonic board cleaner
Infrared Bga Rework Station
Professional hot air gun use to solder & desolder IC's.
Ultrasonic cleaner is suitable for cleaning electronic accessories.
Infrared Bga Rework station use to accurate heeting of IC's
Manual and USB electronic microscope shows your main board sharply.
Soldering Iron
Flux Paste
Soldering Led
Multimeter wihich can be use for testing voltage AC DC current & resistance.
Variety of soldering irons giving your better soldaring needs.
High quality Flux Paste soldering desoldaring BGA IC's.
Variety of high quality soldering Led available.
Phone Accessories
Phone Spare Parts
Mobile Hardware Tools
Mobile Software Tools
Memory Card & Data Travellers
Camera Accessories
Gaming Devices & Accessories
Digital Players & Multimedia
Laptop & PC Accessories
Bags & Pouches
Display Showcase & Holders
Office & Health Products
New Arrivals
Polek Discovery
Nippers & Cutters
Phone Opening Tools
Phone Board Holders
Wide variety of professional nippers & cutters.
Wide rang of twizzers suitable for repair high sensitive components.
Used for picking up unwanted leds & holding IC's .
Wide rang of phone opening tool suitable for all kind of phones.
Pcb Holder/stand for use when carry soldaring Works on a mobile phone.
Magnify Lamp
Derusting Pencil
Diagram Books & CDs
DC Power Supply
Electric Screwdriver
Magnify Lamp for electronic engineering,mechanism process
Derusting Pencil comes with a brush an a high densitive eraser.
Use full tips and repairing gudie for very easly learn.
Professional multi function entarnal power supply for mobile phone.
Electric Screwdriver helps you save time and effort by screwing or unscrewing
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