Fake Note Detector
Fingerprint Machine
Money Checker
Calculator Performs basic math operations on Your Office room.
Fake Note Detector an help you to avoid embarrasing your clients.
Time attendance recorder, Access controle All in one Fingerprint Machine
Money Checker detect for currency and verifies security features
Money Counter
Mosquito Bat
Scientific Calculator
Pro Money Counter
The smallest portable Money Counter on the market
A Mosquitov Bat or bug bat is a device for killing mosquitos and bugs
Solve advanced problems in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering
which is suitable for all currencies. It's an ideal companion for any business
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Phone Spare Parts
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Mobile Software Tools
Memory Card & Data Travellers
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Polek Discovery
Blood Pressure Meter
Ear Thermometer
Mouth Thermometers
Blood Pressure Meter is a device used to measure blood pressure
Other kinds of medical Thermometer exist, such as the tympanic Thermometer
Mouth Thermometers Oral temperature may only be taken from a patient
A Stapler is a mechanical device that joins sheets of paper
Torche Rechargeable and Slim type Black
Professional Cameras
Office CCTV Systems
Vehicle DVR System
Office Laptop Bags
Torche Rechargeable and Thick type Bright LIght
Be Smart and Professional With Camera Bags
Protect People & Property from cctv cameras system
Protect your vehicle True the Vehical DVR System
Professional Office Laptop Bags To your Office
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